Other awesome pod casts:

  • Where Monster’s Dwell
    Hosted by Remington J. Osborne and Monster Mike and produced by red Shirt Ryan, Where Monsters Dwell is your weekly dose of pop culture talk radio. Spanning such topics as comics, movies, TV and games. Bringing you live creator interviews and our own perspective on pop culture news and happenings. You can tune in LIVE around the world at:
  • The Weird Show
    Weird News, Strange Ideas, And Odd Views.
  • Nutty Bites 
    Hosted by none other than the lovely Nuchtchas herself  (pronounced Nuke-chaas).
    Check out NIMLAS studios, where you will find podcasts, art, comics, fiction and other content created by Nuchtchas. Artist, blogger, podcaster, gamer, roleplayer, and self professed “Geek Queen” is focused on bringing you interesting original content along side reviews of books, television, podcasts, audio drama and other things that tickle her fancy.

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